Saturday, June 5, 2010

Comments from Steve to all my readers

Hi Bob,
I'm not sure who will read this or if it is possible to get a response. I had prostate cancer in 2006. Found out had it in Nov. of 06 and had it removed on Dec. 21st of 2006. Been dealing with ED since Dec 21st of 2006. I have a date of July 9th 2010, for an implant and trying to do some homework. I appreciate this blog and the people that share information. My e-mail is Basically I am trying to see if I am approaching this in the best way since nothing works and I always liked Lee Majors in the six million dollar man, if anyone has any thoughts I would welcome any information. The doctor I am using is Dr.David Sussman( Delaware Valley Urol.) Voorhees and would like anyone that has used him to have their thoughts on him positive or negative. I would be happy to share my experiences pre and post-surgery.
I will answer any thoughts I receive and thank you for your time.
Steve Morris

Bob J Followup

Hello again Bob,

I had my first trial run visit with Dr Eid this past Thursday. He showed me how to activate the implant and it is easier than I thought.

He pumped up the "unit" and, as expected, it was a little painful, but not awful. He said that most people do not pump up the device to it's full capacity, and I can believe him, because when he was finished pumping I had an erection like a railroad spike, As for size, it seems like there is no problem whatsoever. That could be because of the amount of pumping he did.

He cautioned that it is most important the device is completely drained when finished, because if not, the device will not pump to full capacity in the future. This is because the reservoir will be surrounded by scar tissue if left partially empty.

Dr Eid told me to go home and use my new gift! It has been a very long time since I was in school, but I can tell you THIS homework assignment should be a fun science project!

I am to return in August for a check up.

As always please let everyone know that I would be more then happy to relate my experiences with anyone contemplating the procedure.

Best Regards,

Bob J

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BoB J 3 week update

Hello again Bob

Well it is 3 weeks tomorrow since the implant and everything is going nicely. I had a follow up visit with Dr Eid at 10 days post, and had the stitches removed. He said I could return to normal activity. As for the post op pain, there is none! There is some soreness, and I feel like I have two testicles and a Lego block in my scrotum but there is only some soreness, and sometimes a "pinched" feeling. I visit the good doctor again this Thursday for a trial run. I expect it will be a bit painful the first time, but I am ready for that.

I am a bit concerned about the pump since it feels like a square. Is it really easy to find and use? Right now it seems like it will be a challenge, but we will see.

I read Dr Ben's post and found it very helpful especially since he is a physician. I know what he is talking about when he says finding underwear for the new equipment is an issue. For anyone interested, Kohl's sells a polyester boxer short (looks and feels like spandex) that seems to be the answer. They are sold under the Sonoma Performance brand, which is a Kohl's house brand. If anyone is interested the Universal Product Code on the tag is 67907647-7 and it is style MT7604. They are a bit pricey at $6.50 each on sale ($12 regular) each but considering they house a $30K package it is worth it.

Best regards,

Bob J

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bob J Followup

Hi Bob

Here it is da 4 post op, and the pain is limited to an ache in my scrotum. Not bad at all.
I have attached a few pixs I took today so people on the blog can see the results.

As you can see, Dr Eid did a crew cut instead of a baldy, not sure it is stylish but we will take in.
As you know, fluid is left in the cylinders for the first week or so, so I get to sport a 80% erection. Ironic, after almost 5 days with it I would like it to go down.

Who knew!

Please Post these if you like

Regards to all
Bob J

Followup by Dan in Baltimore

Hi Bob -

A while ago you had my implant story posted but apparently have removed it. I just wanted to provide a cautionary note about putting off surgery for those who may be wavering. I needed an implant for over 10 years but kept putting it off while trying other solutions without success (pills, injections, vacuum). Finally, in June 2008, I had the surgery - it was a total success by any measure.

However, it is now almost June 2010 and we have, in two years, made use of the implant exactly twice, and with limited success even though the device functions perfectly. The problem is mostly mine - I often think about intimacy and still miss it greatly, but unfortunately I seldom feel well enough to act on those thoughts. I am on a variety of medications following a stroke several years ago and, while they keep me alive, they make me feel lousy most of the time; when you don't feel well sex is low on your list of priorities. I have lost count of the physicians I have consulted about this, but none of them have been able to propose any remedial course of action I could undertake.

My advice to anybody contemplating surgery is to go ahead and do it if you need it. If you put it off you may needlessly miss out on years of pleasure.

Best to you, and thanks for the blog. Nothing can substitute for the first hand experience of implant recipients.

Dan in Baltimore

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Implant Story

Hi Bob
Well, we did it! I had my implant surgery on 4-26 and I am camped out on our couch 3 days post op as I write this
First, let me say that anyone seeking this kind of surgery would be well served doing significant research, and this blog is, is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive source out there PERIOD!

Most important, of course, is the doctor who will do the surgery. I had mine done by Dr J Francois Eid,in New York City. If anyone out there is interested you can Google his name and you will find he does the most implants in the world, and his rate of infection issues is the lowest out there. Since I am 67 Medicare is covering this, so cost is not an issue.

The operation was done at NY Presbyterian Hospital and I was kept overnight which is required by Medicare. Let me tell you, this is perhaps the best hospital on the planet,and I have been in many. Bottom line; get the best you can to do this operation. Of course, Dr Eid is a Park Ave surgeon, so I expect if you have to pay out of pocket for this, it is most likely very costly!

The operation was done with a spinal along with a drug called Verced which renders you spacey so you do not care you are awake. Dr Eid says healing is easier, and pain is less with a local.

Soup to nuts (no pun intended) the op took 2 hours. Recovery was not bad at all. I took 3 Oxycontin in the hospital, and have not needed anything since. the swelling has been minimal so far, but from what I have read here, I should have a bit more pain and swelling as the week unfolds. SO FAR, THIS HAS NOT BEEN BAD AT ALL!

After surgery, the chambers are left with some fluid in them, so you have a partial erection. I can see where the head of my penis will be smaller due to lack of blood, however size does not seem to be a significant issue. Dr Eid implanted the AMS 700CX and could have also done the LGX if I wanted it. He favors the CX because he says it provides a stiffer erection and allows him to oversize the implant slightly. (which he did for me) I asked him to use the device he would use for himself if he needed it.

My experience seems unremarkable when viewed along with the many posted here. My message to anyone considering this surgery is this: if you need it, do not wait! And if you are a partner of someone suffering from ED (along with you) get him to read this blog! Simply said, do not suffer when help is out there for you.

I will be seeing De Eid on May 6th and will update you at that time. Please feel free to use this, and if anyone wants info, just ask.
Best Regards

Bob J

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Doctor's story of his journey with Erectile Dysfunction

Ben PreOp

Pre Op
Ben Post Op

Ben's Post Op

We exchanged emails several months ago, which was very helpful--as were the first person accounts on your blog. I had an implant (AMS CX) done 4 days ago, 3/3/10. I have written the following account to share with others on a few different sites, as well as the pictures. Please feel free to use on your site. I cut and pasted from the first site I posted to, so there is some blue background on part of it I couldn't figure how to get rid of.


I'm 61, and very happily married, with my 40th anniversary coming up in June. I have been dealing with ED since I was in my mid-40s. By the mid-90s, I could still get a firm erection, but it would go away with lightning speed (I'm sure that was what I eventually learned was called venous leakage going on), so I had to get it in quickly and never stop moving at a good pace (which I hated, we both prefer a style of intercourse with a slow in and out, accompanied by lots of kissing and touching). The refractory period after orgasm was hours, so more than once in the same session was no longer possible.

Being a physician, I was aware of Viagra when it first came out and started using it in 1998. What a miracle that was! Firm erections and a refractory period as short as a few minutes. 2 orgasms became my norm, extending to 3 occasionally, and 4 on one special occasion. I would get mild headaches and slight blueing of my vision from the Viagra, but I hardly cared--I was more capable than I had been even in my 20s.

This continued to work beautifully for 3 years or so, and then the effectiveness began to fall off. Over a 5-6 year period beginning in 2002 I consulted urologists for the first time, and eventually figured out that the average urologist knew less than I did about ED by this time, so I told them whatever I wanted to try and they prescribed it.

I tried Cialis and Levitra and found the Cialis slightly better than the others for me and started using that. I tried the intra-urethral Muse product, which felt awful and didn't produce an erection. My testosterone level was steadily dropping during this period of time, and got below 200, so we added first Andro-gel, then Testim to the mix. That clearly improved my libido (which had really dropped dramatically), but had no effect on the quality of my erections, which was sufficient for "stuffable" intercourse, but not very firm at all.

I tried tri-mix injections into my penis which improved things somewhat for a while, but is the most likely reason I developed Peyronie's disease (in which scar tissue on the inside of the penis bends it in different directions). Prior to my recent implant surgery (which straightens the penis and essentially cures Peyronie's), my penis was curving upward approximately 15-20 degrees, and 10-15 degrees to the right--on those fleeting occasions when I had an erection firm enough to see it, or while under vacuum.

I tried a vacuum erection device combined with a cock ring. I never could get this to work very well and both of us really hated it. Besides, you can't leave the cock ring on very long, and it leaves your penis numb.

In late 2007 I became aware that a Dr. Larry Lipshultz, here in Houston, Texas, was one of the pre-eminent specialists in the treatment of ED. I learned of him from a couple of patients who sang his praises.

With him, I underwent a quite thorough evaluation. He determined from injecting the penis and doing a Doppler ultrasound that blood flow into my penis was relatively normal, but that the mechanism to capture the blood flow to produce an erection was not--the dreaded venous leakage. Venous leakage doesn't respond well to typical ED treatments. He didn't push the idea of an implant and I wasn't yet ready to consider that. He had a regimen of medications which he said had been successful in reversing venous leakage in some individuals--so over an 18 month period I took 25 mg of Viagra every day, Cialis when intending to have sex, and 2 or 3 other supplements he recommended as good for penis health.

By the fall of 2009, it was clear that I had no significant improvement from that, and I asked him about an implant. He thought I was a perfect candidate--I had tried all the other options, I had conditions which an implant is optimal for--venous leakage and Peyronie's disease, and I was otherwise in excellent health. My fall and early winter schedule simply didn't allow time for having the procedure done, so I saw him again in January and scheduled an implant for 3/3/10.

Around 85% of implants are the 3 piece type, and that is what I chose. They are mechanically more complicated than other types, but produce the firmest and most natural looking erection of any of the choices. More than 90% of men and their partners are satisfied with implants when all is said and done, which is far higher than the satisfaction levels with any other ED treatment.

As I type this, I am 4 days post-op. I have essentially been pain-free at rest since the catheter was removed on Thursday morning, 3 days ago. I have had minimal swelling and bruising, no pain at the incision site (3-4 cm horizontal incision high in the scrotum underneath the penis). I have mild to moderate discomfort from the pump in my scrotum, but others who have had this procedure say you eventually will be unaware it is there. I would just like to fast forward through the next 4-6 weeks, and ride my new bicycle.

Hardly anything is written about the psychological side of ED these days, and most ED is now thought to be organic rather than psychogenic in origin. However, whatever the cause, failure to perform certainly results in some degree of performance anxiety in probably everyone, which doesn't help. I think, however, that it would be unlikely that a primarily psychogenic cause of ED would end up in an implant. I would think that the pharmaceutical approaches would typically handle that well. But in the end, it doesn't matter, if nothing else works, then an implant will--barring surgical complications, infection, etc.

I think that my story is a fairly common one, based on what I have read on a variety of sites on the web. If I had it to do over again, I would have found a top specialist in ED much sooner, and probably had my implant 5 years ago. That is also a quite common comment by those who have had implants--that their only regret is that they did not do it sooner.

Your average doctor, or even average urologist, isn't much help past the point of prescribing Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. Once you educate yourself about ED, you will know more than most of those doctors on the subject. If one of the pills works well, I see no reason to do anything more for as long as it continues to work. If one of those doesn't take care of the issue, then I would find the nearest real specialist I could find. If you have to drive a long way, so be it. From this website, and others similar to it, you should be able to find what top ED doc is nearest you. Don't choose a doctor for implant surgery who isn't doing them every week. It is critical that your surgeon be very knowledgeable and very experienced. This is not a place to cut corners!!

My wife has been 100% supportive of whatever I wanted to do each step of the way in dealing with ED. We have certainly become better lovers as our focus has been less on penis-in-vagina sex. However, one of the clinching moments for going ahead with the implant was a conversation in which I asked her how long she envisioned us having sex and how important it was to her. She couldn't come up with a specific number but said she was nowhere near ready to do without sex in the forseeable future, so I should plan on 15 years or more! And, like the majority of women, she has never been able to achieve orgasm from intercourse alone, but loves the feel of it nonetheless. I know younger people don't like to think about their parents or grandparents having sex, but given good health, the majority of people are sexually active into their eighties or even older that that. And let me promise you that you never feel as old as you look, and that for most of us, desire never goes away.

Although I think it is foolish, guys tend to be obsessed with the size of their penis. I think women would tell you that the 5 most important things about a penis are:

1. Hardness (outstanding with a 3 piece implant)
2. Hardness
3. Hardness
4. Hardness
5. Girth (which the implant will most likely increase noticeably)

I don't think length is something your partner is likely to be concerned about if you are 3" longer or more. As a physician who has done pelvic exams on women, I can feel their cervixes with my middle finger, which is 3.5" long (I have long fingers). The only spot inside the vagina which possibly causes pleasurable sensation for the woman is the famous "G spot", but it is only about 2" inside (and on the front wall of the vagina for the geographically impaired). A penis which is too large will typically be a much greater concern for a woman than one which is too small. Comments are welcomed on this point from any women who lurk on this site.

You can NOT increase your length with an implant, and you risk some nasty complications if am implant which is too large is used. The head of your penis may be softer (thus smaller) than previously, and the biggest implant which isn't too big might be slightly shorter than your natural cavity, but I would think the most you would lose in good hands is 1-2 cm.

My implant is an AMS CX, which has the capability to expand in girth, but not length. Probably the most common implant currently is the AMS LGX, which has the capability to expand in both girth and length--to the maximum size of your natural cavity. This might give a slight increase in length in some cases compared to the CX (likely not more than 1 cm). My surgeon's opinion is that the CX has fewer complications than the LGX for patients with Peyronie's, such as myself.

The best predictor of your post-op length is your stretched flaccid length. Stretch it out, plant the butt of the ruler firmly against your pubic bone and measure. This is the most you should expect.

I think that men who say they have lost substantial length are thinking of their penis as it once was, before being shortened by disease, disuse, or as a consequence of prostate surgery. Unless of course, they had an incompetent surgeon. I think that those who claim to have increased size have not obtained their natural maximum in so long that doing so seems like an increase in length.

Also remember that the more belly fat you have, the more of your penis is concealed. Reaching a trim weight will maximize the apparent size of your penis. Lots of other good medical reasons to maintain an optimal weight, but perhaps this one will register more than some of those other very good reasons.

My pre-op flaccid length was about 3 inches, post-op partially flaccid length is 4.5 inches and clearly more girth. My implant was kept inflated to around 80% until the day following the surgery. I didn't have my ruler at the hospital (imagine that), but partially inflated it felt stiffer than I have attained in a long time, very straight, and appeared to be 5.5 to 6". My stretched flaccid length pre-op was about 6.25 inches with the base of the ruler pressed firmly against the pubic bone. I'm totally confident that size will be fine. Now comes the really hard part, impatiently waiting while things heal before I can use it.

I hope this information and the pictures which follow are useful. I certainly pored over every account I could find anywhere on the web before making my decision, and greatly appreciate everyone who has shared their story.

My surgery was on 3/3/10. The first week went well, more or less daily improvement. On day 7 post-op (3/10) I had a really good day, did quite a bit of walking and thought maybe I was capable of doing my office-based job as a physician. That night I had more significant aching in the testicles than I had experienced in a while. I put a cold pack over my testicles and penis when I went to bed, which relieved the discomfort nicely, BUT when I woke up in the morning, I had a aching, moderately nauseating pain, as if I had been kicked in the balls 30 seconds before, only it persisted for a couple of hours. I ended up taking hydrocodone for the first time in 3 or 4 days, slept for a couple of hours, and have basically not had a return of that kind of discomfort--but I have also not applied cold to the region again..

Application of cold tightens (and shrinks LOL) everything up in the genital region, as we all know. What I am wondering is if by applying cold for a sustained period, that the ultimate result was to basically pull the pump harder against my testicle, resulting in the discomfort I had on day 8 post-op. Anybody wish to comment on this and the use of heat and cold in general?

Day 9 and day 10 I have ambulated more, and I drove for the first time (my surgeon wanted me to wait at least a week for that) today. I drove about 30 minutes each way, which didn't seem to bother me, shopped for about 30 minutes, and had lunch at a restaurant. By the time I got back home I was having minor discomfort, which is responding well to the use of a heating pad, as that sort of discomfort has the last few days. It seems that being vertical and having gravity dragging on the new junk in the trunk bothers me more than anything else.

Actually the shopping was to find some briefs which work best while my recuperation continues and my body gets used to my larger package. I am not a boxer guy, and I think boxers wouldn't be good during recovery. However my briefs seem to be of 2 types--too large/loose (gravity pulls on me) and too small/tight (initially feels good, but compresses the pump against the testicle too much). I have lost 29 pounds (deliberately) over the last 3-4 months, which explains the briefs which are too loose, and the too tight ones are ones I have left from when I weighed another 15 pounds less than I do now. Any practical words of wisdom from the vets on underwear choices, or the general management of the recovering package? I have seen some comments that it takes weeks to months before you stop noticing the new equipment--anyone wish to comment on that?

And lastly, what about return to work? I will be returning to work on Monday, 12 days post-op. I feel confident that I will be able to manage my office-based work, which doesn't require any prolonged standing (and fortunately I am at a lovely point in my life where I work 4 days, 30 hours), but I suspect by the end of the day I will be eager to get home, put my feet up, and apply my heating pad. My doctor has said that I should not do any significant lifting, vigorous exercise, and the like for 4-6 weeks post-op. So, generally speaking, I would guess that for the average person, return to office work can likely be done in 7-14 days (sooner for working from home--I have been responding to emails and phone calls since the 2nd day post-op). Probably 14-28 days for returning to work requiring a lot of walking or standing or driving, and probably 28-42 days for returning to heavy work (climbing ladders, lifting heavy objects, turning big valves, etc.). This is all a guess on my part, and there is probably significant individual variation. Again I would welcome comments from those who have been through this.

Best wishes to all,

Patient of Dr Eid, New York City

Dear Readers:
I'm a little behind on posts due to a broken right thumb that is in a cast. The perils of fishing has put a crimp in my typing, when I tripped while trout fishing. I managed to brake my fall by breaking my thumb. My new post is from a gentleman that I have corresponded with over the past year who went to a pretty famous and well thought of implant surgeon. Dr Eid performs hundreds of implant surgeries each year. He has a large practice in New York City. Here is Bob's story in his own words.

Hi Bob

I hope you remember me from late last year, if not, here is a recap.
I am a 67 year-old man who has suffered from vascular disease for many years. Over the past 20 years I have had issues with ED and the issue has all but prevented sexual relations for the past 10 years. (Thank God for an understanding wife) Pills did not really help, and the shots worked for a bit but were painful, and a mood killer. Then, by a strange twist of fate, I happened to be watching one of the medical TV sitcoms (I almost never watch TV) and saw a show featuring an older man asking about penile implants!

I did a lot of research and found your wonderful blog.

The research also led me to Dr. Eid, of New York City, who has a wonderful website for his practice here in New York. I did more research and found out he is one of the worlds foremost surgeons for penile implants.

I had an initial visit in January and have been going through some testing which included an ultrasound of my penis. In early April I have another in office test including catheterization to determine my bladder condition. If all goes well, as I expect, my surgery is scheduled for April 26th at NY Presbyterian Hospital, where I will be kept overnight, since Medicare requires it. The surgery, I am told will take about 90 min. or less. Dr Eid does do the procedure in his clinic for those who wish to go that way, but, you get to go home with a catheter and need to remove it yourself the next day in the bath! While this may be easy, it would scare me.

I have followed many implant stories on your blog and mine seems unremarkable so far. What may be of some interest to readers is information about Dr Eid.

I have found Dr Eid and his staff to be extremely considerate and professional. The good Doctor also has a quick wit and a great persona for someone of world class stature. He seems not at all impressed with himself, which is a really great quality. I highly recommend that anyone with the ability to go to New York City for the procedure Google Dr Eid and spend time on his website.

I am looking forward to my surgery, and to being up and around {could not resist} in a couple of months. I hope to be a another success story. For those of you who are suffering with ED, PLEASE do not wait as long as I did to seek help.

And Bob, bless you for your dedication to providing much needed support for the rest of us.

Please feel post this on the blog.

Best Regards

Bob J

Coloplast Titan vs AMS LGX


There has been some discussion on the internet about the Titan vs LGX. Stories about tissue migration, erosion, etc.

I decided to send an email to an expert. This is a copy of the email I sent him from a gentleman I was corresponding with for his opinion.

If you feel it will help the blog flee free to post it.


From: jackp
Sent: Mon 2/15/2010 8:22 PM
To: Doran, Todd James
Subject: Question


I have been getting comments like the following in emails and it is being posted on the internet.
Quote from an another gentleman To Jack P
Yes jack, does he use the TITAN, that is the device I have chosen, I know many guys complain about size with it, but the material does last longer and tissue does not grow into the polytetrafluoroethyl-ene sleeve.
Im just 37 and I have to avoid issues like art or others like him. Aneurysm is more common in AMS than TITAN.
If i were 55+ LGX would be chosen by sure 100%.

I would appreciate your comments.



Old devices did suffer from aneurysm and tissue adhesion but cylinders were redesigned and don't suffer that same fate. Haven't seen an aneurysmal dilation with the new cylinder at all. Titan is a good device and we place them periodically in the larger penis >7 inches b/c their cylinder helps get the larger penis more rigid. We just find few candidates where a Titan makes more sense, despite most guys opinion about their penile size. Titan is not our go to device because we like the LGX cylinders better and feels more natural than Titan.

Todd J. Doran, MS, PA-C
Associate in Urologic Surgery
Dept of Urologic Surgery
Vanderbilt University
A-1302 MCNs
Nashville, TN 37232
(615) 322-2880 Office
(615) 322-8058 FAX

Saturday, February 20, 2010

David's Story, Melbourne Australia

Dear Readers:
Many of the fine folks who have followed my blog over the years hail from Australia and New Zealand. Which was a great surprise for my wife. We received a call from a wife several months ago who lived in New Zealand and who had read my blog and wanted to help her husband who was suffering from severe Erectile Dysfunction. She and dear wife were still talking when yours truely had to get ready for work. Today, I would like to introduce you to Dave who hails from Melbourne, Australia and who has given me permission to post his story. Out of the thousands of emails that I have received the past couple of years, approximately one third are from folks who live outside of the United States and Canada. I appreciate hearing from all of you and I hope that you have appreciated my answers to your questions. So here is David's story.

Hi Bob

Thanks for the web site. Has to be the best on the net concerning penile implants. I am 40 year old single guy from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I have had problems with ED for years but had not anything about it until recently. Made inquiries about having it done in the public system but they said it could take years to get op done if at all. Decided to take out private medical insurance with MediBank but had to wait a year due to it being a preexisting condition.

When the time came up went to a Mr/Dr Michael Chamberlin who works out of /John Fawkner Private Hospital/, 275 Moreland Road, Coburg. He charges no out of pocket expense but be careful as some charge up to $1000 out of pocket. Shop around for prices it is worth it. In my case all l had to pay is the insuranse $250 excess and for the tablets.

The operation was at 9am Thur 4th Feb 2010. I left hospital on Saturday afternoon and went to recuperate at a family holiday place 150km away. I drove straight after being discharged. Was a bit painful getting into car but once inside not that bad. Stopped 2/3 of the way to holiday place as was tired.Came back home a few days later on Wednesday.

After a week my genital area is still swollen and is in discomfort but not worth taking pain killers. I generally do well after surgery so my example may not be like everyone else's. The Dr has deflated it but still feels a bit ridged; maybe with time will soften more. Its only a week since the operation.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Robie's Story of ED

> I appreciate the kind words, Bob. A lot going on this weekend, will fill > you in on the news with Dr. Eid soon as I get a chance!...

I made my first visit with Dr. Eid (NYC) last Thursday, Jan. 14th, about a week ago.I lucked out with parking on the upper east side. My appointment was 4pm, and I got a free parking spot on E. 71st St. between Lexington & Park Ave. around 3pm. A lot of people seem to leave the area around that time, so it's a good opportunity to find alternate side parking in that
otherwise crowded neighborhood. When I showed up at Eid's office on East 69th St., I noticed it was right next door to the Italian Consulate, and two doors down from the Counsel on Foreign relations building (just off Park Ave.). Inside the waiting room were a number of scraggly old folk who looked almost homesless. These were the Medicare patients who have the procedure covered through government benefits. I waited my turn and saw Dr. Eid. He said his good reputation has a lot to do with the teams he works with at the hospitals. He showed me various pumps from a plastic box
on the table, and allowed me to try out handling the valve releases and squeezing actions. Doc also showed me some photos on his laptop. Nurse took my blood pressure, said it was good. Then we went into an examination room and he looked at my penis. He told me I had Peyronie's disease from lack of blood flow. With permission from the insurance company, we managed to squeeze the first test in with the initial consultation. This involved injecting my penis with medicine to induce erection. Then he scanned my penis with a Doppler ultrasound to examine the blood vessels before and after dilation. My penis got bigger but did not get erect. It had been
five years since my last erection, due to Type II diabetes. This test indicated that implantation is my only treatment available (pills & injections don't work); showed what size my penis would be after operation; and proved medical necessity for the insurance company. Doc told me he used to do kidney transplants but they became boring to him; he enjoys the unique creative challenge each penile implant gives him -- for every procedure is slightly different. He also enjoys helping men restore
their sexual function for a more fulfilling lifestyle. I paid the $285 consult fee out of pocket, which I get back from insurance company in a few weeks. The other test was billed direct to the insurance. I have to go back on Feb. 16th for a bladder test, which involves catheterization. Then cystoscopy & pre-op visit on the 25th of Feb., at which time my $2K down payment is due, to cover the 20% out-of-network portion for the surgery. After insurance pays him, the $2K is waived and returned to me, I have that in writing. Surgery is scheduled for March 3rd, at Lenox Hosp. There is a $145 deductible, which comes out of my $2K refund. They tell me I'll
leave with a catheter as outpatient, and I must remove the catheter myself
the next morning. Hopefully will be good to recover by early April. I also need to see my primary on or after Feb. 3rd, for clearance forms, EKG, andblood tests. I found Dr. Eid's office to be very easy to work with. It's a tough subject, and I'm doing this alone because my wife left me last November for a man she works with, took my daughter. So after the operation, I'll have to find a new partner with which to try out my new equipment. Wish me luck everyone...

You can use this for the blog, Bob...


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dale's Unhappy


My name is Dale and I'm a 53 yr old cancer victim. I had a radical robotic prosectamy done in Feb. 05. After waiting a year for a hint of my normal self I resorted to pumps, pills etc.. no luck. The pump brought him to life but the rings wouldn't keep him there. After a year or so of this I found a woman who was willing to help me deal with it. With her help, she loved oral, I began to regain some stiffness. She said as long as it was in her mouth it grew and stayed firm. But I was impatient, I wanted intercourse. So I read all I could on the implant and set it up. Maybe I'm being too hard (no pun intended) on the doc but this is crazy. I went from a 2 fister to less than 1. Now I've been told that lots of men are about this size and they are healthy. All that may be true but all and I mean all the brochures, all the web sites promote the stats of only losing cm's not inches. And it also feels so weird. I can feel what to me feel like joints? It it no way feels natural. And all the talk about increased girth. Ha, I lost nearly half of that and what I have feels like two chop sticks coverd in skin. No roundness at all. Now maybe I'm just being vain but I'm embarrassed. I'm so disgusted by the sight of it I won't even pump it up to stretch it. I just want it gone. I would rather be impotent with at least the memory of being a normal man than look or feel this thumb sticking out of my gut.
Maybe at this point in time I should wait before I talk because my anger is still so fresh but I'm afraid of not doing anthing. But all I get from most medical people is platitudes of "oh you will find it works just fine", "you'll get used to it" and "give it time". So I'm supposed to just do nothing for a year or so and then start fussing?
I feel I was lied to and mislead from the beginning and I want to lash out at the whole system.
Sorry I'm not one of your "I'm so happy" stories. The truth is I doubt this will get printed at all because I assume this is just a front for the AMS people. I guess I'll soon know!!


Okay Dale:
I printed it. Feel Better now?
I did a search through almost 9,000 emails that I have received and answered and didn’t find a single email from you going back two and a half years. You’ve been venting your sarcasm at me for the past week. Too bad you didn’t read very far in my blog or you would have read my discussion about loss of size in prostatectomy patients. I discussed it in many posts and the fact that I discussed it with my own personal Urologist. I’ve talked about the fact that one out of three men who have a radical prostatectomy loose significant length do to this procedure. I have my two cents opinion on the reasons for it. If you had bothered to read this blog back, you would have been warned about this. If a marathon runner breaks their leg and the doctor put the leg in a cast, for say 4 to 5 years and that body part didn’t get used in all that time, the leg is going to atrophy. Use it or loose it.

In other words, I say it in several posts on this blog. I recommend that at a minimum anyone contemplating penile implant surgery to obtain a good quality vacuum erection device prior to having surgery and use it twice a day for 10 to 20 minutes achieving a good firm erection for a bare minimum of two month before surgery. The European Society of Urologists recommends this. You didn’t bother to read my blog, yet you’ve vented your anger and sarcasm towards me. Dale, this is my blog. It is not affiliated in any way with AMS Medical or Coloplast. Life happens and you’ve lived a lot of years with time and disease taking its toll on your body. Your surgeon saved your life in 2005. Believe me; you don’t want to die of prostate cancer. Towards the end you will beg for death as the disease spreads into the pelvic bone and up into the spine and the pain is indescribable. That said, you lost 2 to 3 centimeters of your ureter that used to be in your prostate. Your surgeon relocated your bladder lower into your abdomen and then reattached the ends. The body tends to push the bladder back where it used to be pulling your penis back into your body. 4 years of your penis remaining inside your body has left your muscle, your penis, badly atrophied.

This blog is my personal attempt to share information with other men about life with a penile implant. I feel bad for you up to a point. There have been dozens of studies on satisfaction with penile implants. The published rate is 92% to 94%. Satisfaction is in the eye of the beholder. You make the charge that you were lied to and mislead. In what way? By whom? Not by me. I’ve been upfront on this subject. Your doctor? I recall the paperwork that I signed and read including the part about a whole range of possibilities and warnings. You have excoriated me over your failed surgery. Buddy, I posted dozens of pictures of myself and several dozen pictures of guys who volunteered their stories on this blog out of the goodness of their hearts. They are true stories by guys who have lived them. None of us made a dime to do this. So guess what Dale, it’s time to man up and climb down off of your pity party. The penile implants that are available to us have enabled thousands of us to resume normal sexual relationships once again in our lives. I sincerely hope that this works out for you eventually.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'd like to respond to an Anonymous Poster

September 21, 2009 12:46 AM

Anonymous said...
I cried when you mentioned the first time you and your husband made love. I have vivid memories of that time, and my inability now is devastating. My wife is a real trooper, and tries to make me feel better by telling me how unimportant sex is. We are in our fifties, and I don't want it to end already. I just have to convince her that the money, whatever that may be, is worth it. Mike O

If insurance coverage is an issue, seek out a University teaching hospital. A young man in his 40's contacted me and I referred him to Dr Weinstein, my urologist who performed my surgery. He had no insurance. Dr Weinstein arranged with the hospital to reduce his cost to what my health insurance paid for my surgery. I had excellent health insurance and the price reduction was huge, almost $15,000 less. Also, most urologists who perform this surgery know what the requirements are to have this surgery approved by insurance and by Medicare. Penile Implant surgery is considered a "standard of care" (very important) to correct Erectile Dysfunction. This is not considered cosmetic surgery and don’t let insurance misinform you on this point. Erectile Dysfunction of the penis is a failure of a body part the same way that hip replacement surgery corrects a body part that has worn out. Or the replacement of a heart valve restores function of the heart. The penile implant is considered a “Durable Medical Goods or Device” by your insurance. Your doctor has to have documentation proving that you have had ED over a period of time. That it is not a temporary occurrence, but is a permanent condition. That cheaper alternatives have been tried and don’t work, ie: you’ve tried Viagra, or Cialis, and Levitra, and it failed to cause an erection or the side effects were such that you could not tolerate it. That you maybe tried a vacuum erection device and it did not work satisfactorily for you.
Your doctor may order some tests.
A Doppler ultra-sonography of your penis. The doctor will inject a vasoactive drug into your penis to cause an erection and then with the use of ultrasound, will determine if you have serious venous leakage.
Another test is an overnight test where you will place a band around your penis to determine if you are having nightly erections.
Your doctor will look at your health history. Do you have a history of diabetes? Erectile dysfunction is a red flag to test for un-diagnosed High Blood Pressure and un-diagnosed diabetes. Your doctor will listen to your carotid artery to listen for diminished blood flow caused by arterial sclerosis or hardening of the arteries. Your doctor will also want to check your lipids or what your cholesterol levels are. Smoking history. Quit now and get help quitting now. I know, I know how hard it is. When my daughter was 5 years old, she asked me to quit, and I found a way to quit. When I caught her as a teen ager with cigarettes, I had a powerful argument for her and she stopped smoking for me. Exercise and weight control. You know what you need to do, so no lecture here. Get healthy, you’ll live longer, you’ll live better, and you will have the stamina you need for the bedroom.
Do you have Peyronie’s Disease? (Scarring that occurs in the Corpora Cavernosa, which is the twin sheaths of spongy tissue that run the length of the penis). Scar tissue replaces the spongy tissue that normally fills with blood effecting an erection. This scar tissue prevents engorgement and expansion of the penis. It can also lead to erectile length and girth loss over time. The implant will help keep the penis from shrinkage and will also help maintain a straight penis.
Have you experienced spinal cord damage? Many paralyzed men are able to enjoy sex even with a spinal cord injury or other nerve damage caused by disease or trauma. I know for a fact that Penile Implant surgery is VA approved and will cover service connected ED from trauma injuries.
What I have suggested is get yourself as healthy as you can. That’s half of the equation. Get age related health problems treated (High Blood Pressure, diabetes, High Cholesterol, weight and exercise). Next talk to your doctor, either your Primary Physician or your urologist about your ED and your options. Ask for a referral to someone who performs Penile Implant surgery. Also check out American Medical Solutions Physician Referral at
Look for a surgeon who performs at a minimum 50 penile implants a year. University Teaching Hospitals are great places to start looking for a surgeon. The VA Hospitals can also refer you to a Urologist who performs implant surgery. Outside of the US, AMS Medical Solutions and Coloplast have toll free numbers that you can call. They are staffed by knowledgeable people who can refer you to Urological Surgeons who perform implant surgery in your country.
To Contact AMS Medical Solutions

AMS serves patients and physicians across the globe. Our world headquarters are located in Minnesota. Connect with us today.

AMS World Headquarters
10700 Bren Road West
Minnetonka, Minnesota 55343



AMS patient liaison at 800-328-3881, extension 6261, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. CDT.

Coloplast Corporation
1499 West River Rd. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Phone: (800) 533-0464
Coloplast A/S
Holtedam 1
DK - 3050 Humlebaek, Denmark
Tel: +45 49 11 11 11/Fax: +45 49 11 22 60

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Visitors to PenileImplant Blog

Howdy Folks:
A lot of people have traveled to my blog from all over the world. Analytics tells me that 4300 people in the past 30 days from 88 countries traveled to my PenileImplant blog to find out and read about the experiences of myself and15 other gentlemen have had after penile implant surgery. I'm really humbled by that. I spoke to one gentleman on the phone today who was so excited that he got to pump up his implant and was given the go ahead by his doctor to use his implant. He told me he had called his wife and she was taking the afternoon off from work to meet him at home. Before he got home he called me to thank me for giving him hope that he could have a normal sex life again. I'm corresponding to younger and younger men as time goes by. I’m talking to men in their 20's who have severe venous leakage as their primary erectile dysfunction diagnosis and they are so severely depressed that they are missing out at enjoying a normal sex life. They call me on the phone and correspond by email with me for advise. They get a lot of the run a round by urologists who feel they are too young to be considered an implant candidate. If the vaso-dilators Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra aren't working and the injections aren't working or are too painful for the patient, then penile implant surgery is a viable alternative and should not be dismissed. I personally know a couple of young men who are scheduled for surgery after standing their ground with their doctors and they have a positive outlook for their future. I'm also corresponding with men in their 80's and one gentleman who is 91 years old. Good for you guys. One of the secrets of longevity is an active sex life. My father in law is 81 and my mother in law is 76 and they are healthy active adults who do volunteer work, golf, bike, and think nothing of climbing in the car and driving 500 miles. Young, old, or in between. Don’t let erectile dysfunction keep you from enjoying a healthy, loving and happy relationship with the one you love. Men, and the women who love you, get help by seeking a urological surgeon skilled in implant surgery. And get your questions answered so that you can make an informed choice. As I pointed out earlier, a whole lot of you folks are looking for answers to fix your erectile dysfunction. I sincerely hope that this blog answers some of those questions. If I can help any of you, don't hesitate to contact me. My name is Bob and I can be contacted by email at or you can call me in the evenings at 573-808-2962.

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10/09/2009 My one-year post op at Vanderbilt, Jack P story

Dear Readers:

For those of you who have followed my blog over the past couple years, Jack P has been a regular contributor to this blogsite as well as to other supports sites, most notably to Peyronies sufferers. Jack has been an inspiration to many men with his never say quit spirit. His first attempt to have implant surgery resulted in his doctor puncturing his urethra and having to stop. Jack has had Peyronies disease for many years. Peyronies disease is where there is scar tissue that builds up in the corpora cavernosa of the penis. The corpora are the spongy tissue that fills with blood to give rigidity to the penis during erection. The surgeon, in trying to push a pathway through the scar tissue and spongy tissue, caused a puncture through the urethra forcing him to stop the procedure. Jack opted to find a second opinion and found an excellent surgeon at Vanderbilt University Hospital. Just prior to having surgery, Jack choked on a piece of meat and what followed can be read on my February 28, 2009 blog Jack P, The Rest of my story. As I pulled everything together for that blog. Jack did have his implant revision on 10-23-08 where he had an AMS 700 LGX implanted quite sucessfully. Jack is at the one year anniversary of his implant surgery and he wishes to let all of you know about his success and the impact of what a penile implant has had upon his life. Jack's story is what this blog is all about. Bringing hope to men who have given up hope. It's restoring wonderful sexual lovemaking back in the bedroom between two people who very much love each other. Folks, here is Jack's story in his own words.

10/09/2009 My one-year post op at Vanderbilt by Jack P

The exam and follow up with Todd Doran PA, and Dr. Douglas Milam

I am delighted with my implant and all the care I received at Vanderbilt. During the exam and follow up questions I spent about 45 minutes with Todd and Dr. Milam. I had a few questions and learned a lot.

We started out with Todd and an intern. I pumped up my implant. Todd showed the intern where the tips of the implant extend into my glans. Of course the glans was flaccid and with a slight downward pressure on the tip you could see where the tip of the implants are. Both sides fit to the same size and approximately ½ way into the glans.

We discussed my success with the implant and the impact it had on my life. I am happy to say the impact has been better than I ever expected. During the discussion Todd asked what is the most common complaint with men with pryronies. Loss of size, length and girth. The AMS 700 LGX is the only implant that can help restore length.

I wish I had a recording but I will tell you basically what Todd said. The AMS 700 LGX will straighten out a peyronies curve. Peyronies is not normally in the erection chambers when the implant is activated it will straighten out the penis. I said to Todd that some men go into surgery expecting an LGX and come out with a CX or other implant. I asked if there was a reason for that. He said that when that happens the doctor does not fully understand the anatomy of the penis and the workings of the implant. Dr. Milam was an engineer before becoming a surgeon and fully understands the mechanical function of the implant and penis. He said that all there patients, with peyronies, that have the LGX have a straight erection like mine.

I have a diminished blood flow to the glans. I told Todd that it is more noticeable now that I have been off blood thinners for a year. He said that was what happens is a lot of men. I asked how could I help blood flow to the glans without the blood thinners. I asked if Cialis would help. He said it would and recommended the daily dosage of 5mg. He wrote me a prescription for the 5mg daily dosage. I will take it along with the coupon for a free months supply from to the pharmacy today. My prescription drug plan (Medicare Part D) does not cover it so I need to shop around the cost.

I asked about the Ambicor 2 piece implant for a gentleman in the New England area. He said they only use it if they cannot get a reservoir in. He said it has a much lower satisfaction rate than the other implants.

I asked about pain with peyronies for another gentleman. He has been having pain with erections and other urinary symptoms. They know Dr. Levine and his work. They disagree with not doing any surgery for peyronies if you have pain. They did not get specific as to what they prescribe for pain only different men have different symptoms and they prescribe different things, and they also occasionally recommend surgery for the pain. They also recommended a second opinion on the urinary symptoms and said they would be glad to help him with that.

We talked about penile injection therapy for ED. They do not recommend it and do not prescribe it. Injection therapy caused my condition to get worse with corporal fibrosis.

We talked about the peyronies society web site. Todd said that now he has a face to put with those coming in after visiting the web site. He said that they have been able to help several men after viewing the site. Todd said he has looked at the site and likes the fact that we are straightforward and informative. The information is usually straight and factual.

We talked about the difference in the pubic and scrotal approach. 98% of the implant that Dr. Milam does is the pubic approach. He said that the dorsal nerves are easy to identify and keep out of harms way. He said that if there is a problem with the corporatomy it is much easier to repair with the pubic approach. We discussed my punctured urethra that happened with the local doctor using the scrotal approach. Todd said that the instrument to dilate the corpora is curved and if not done properly with the scrotal approach that a punctured urethra can happen. He said Dr. Milam is very detailed about this and reminds his students all the time of this.

I asked about revisions. Dr. Milam said that they do “a ton” of revisions.

I asked about the life expectancy of the implant. Dr. Milam said 93% were performing normally at five years. Both Dr. Milam and I have some engineering background. I am a retired Boiler Inspector and Mechanical Contractor. We compared it this way; you can buy the best HVAC system on the market and use the worst or cheapest contractor in town. The system will not perform properly because of an improper installation. If you buy the same equipment from a first rate contractor you get a properly performing system that will save you money in the long run. I said it to him like this; I charge an A/C system with a digital thermostat to the manufacturer’s specifications. 90% of the systems I go to the first time are at least ½ to 1 pound of Freon overcharged. This cuts the efficiency of the system by about 20-30%. Moral, to get the best results use the best equipment and an experienced well qualified people.

We discussed additional penile length. I have gained weight and need to loose 20-30 pounds. Yes I am a big guy 6’2’, 255 pounds. I was told that if I loose the weight I would gain 1 to 1 ½ inches. That will put me back at my length before peyronies. Now all I have to do is get off my butt and do it. I have started back walking 2 miles a day, but as my wife says I need to cut back on the sweets, bread and portions. I lost over 20 pounds several years ago on the Atkins Diet and considering going back to it.

Girth: My erect girth is back to where I was as a teen’s or early 20”s. If I remember my algebra correctly 2” diameter x 3.14 = 6.28” or 1” radios x 3.14 squared = 6.28”. Any way the wife and I are very happy with it.

The best part of this whole experience is the renewed confidence I have. I feel NORMAL for the first time in years.

There was the pain of surgery, the 6 weeks waiting to activate the device, the discomfort when the device was first activated, getting used to the pump in the scrotum and the about 3 month learning curve of using the implant. The small amount of discouragement when first activated that I was not as long as in the VED but as Dr. Milam said at my 3
Month check up I regained it as the AMS 700 LGX continues to expand

Dr. Milam, Todd and I talked about the publication on using the AMS 700 LGX. It has just been submitted to The Journal of Urology and will take 6 to 9 months before it is published. There is a meeting next month (11/09) in California of the Sexual Medicine Society. Dr. Milam has a major presentation at that meeting on the AMS 700 LGX. Dr. Milam will send me a copy of the publication when it is printed and I have his permission to publish it on the peyronies society web site a yahoo implant group.

I also have kidney stones 3 on the left side and 2 on the right. I showed Dr. Milam the report from a CT I had the end of May. He said so long as I was not in pain the wait and see that my local doctor recommended is normal.

Dr. Milam and I discussed that when my local urologist did a bladder scope, after the ultra sound for kidney stones, that he said that with an implant I was limited with options if I had prostate problems. I had a couple of TURP’s about 12 years ago. Dr. Milam said that with the implant there was no problem with any prostate procedure with the implant.

Dr. Milam and his team do all kinds of penile surgery from surgical correction of penile curvature, penile implants, and artificial urinary sphincter to control incontinence, circumcision and lots more.

Before anyone asks, No you cannot gain additional length or girth with the implant above what you normally have. Any one that tells you their product or device will is selling “snake oil.”

Dr. Milam told me I did not need to make the trip back to Nashville any more but if I needed him just let him know. I will always be a patient of his and Vanderbilt.


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An Addendum to Rich's Implant Story

Dear Readers:
Back on June 8th 2009, I published Rich's story about his 2 piece AMS Ambicor implant surgery. Since then,Rich has had to have a testicle removed due to problems with blood supply being damaged from prior hernia surgery. He has written about his experiences having an orchiectomy and how he is doing now. Folks, here is the rest of the story.


No problem to post. As you may recall I submitted a story about my implant and follow up photos so feel free to use as I think it may help others.

I did address my very uncomfortable testicle with my urologist for a year before my implant but he seemed to dismiss it and I was so glad to get the implant I didn't say anything. About 6 months after the implant I decided that I would go for an appointment and thank him for his help with my low T and for his helping me get the implant with his letter to the insurance company and gave him a gift certificate to a very nice restaurant.

I explained that I noticed pain after my first hernia procedure and more after my second a year later and it had not ceased since and was negatively affecting my life. He said to my: are you sure? I responded by saying that since it was atrophied and not working plus it hurt that I was absolutely sure about it.

The procedure did not require any pre-authorization and since I had met my deductible, $0 out of pocket. The cost to the insurance company was $2,200. It only took about 30 minutes. After I went home at noon I looked at the scrotum and there was still a lump where the testicle was and I was somewhat puzzled as I thought it would be completely gone. It seems he just took the insides out of the testicle and what remained was called a "grape" that would disappear. After 30 days it did start to disappear and now that it is 2 months today is has shrunk about 70%. I used our Jacuzzi every night before bed and that helped me sleep like a baby the first week after surgery but had very little discomfort anyway, actually less than before the procedure.

I don't miss the testicle at all and the empty scrotum is no problem. It is kind of nice as nothing is banging around during sex. Sex is enjoyable and I have a powerful orgasm and I cum the same as before. I do notice that the bottom of the pouch in my briefs is empty but my briefs are snug so its not a problem.

My testosterone injections were increased by 25% after so that is going well and have no problems. All in all a positive experience and a big relief from discomfort. My wife is happy that I am not in pain.

Thanks for this blog as it really helped me before, during and after my procedures. Rich

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A Wounded Marines Story of Impotense and Penile Implant Surgery

Dear Readers:
Since we have just celebrated the 8th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America, The next story I want introduce you to is a story of courage, pain, recovery, and good news. This is the story of a young wounded marine's battle with impotence. This story is about a young couple that I met about a year and a half ago. I've changed their names to protect their privacy, but they wanted to tell their story.

Dear Bob:
I want to so much thank you for all of your help and encouragement. You saved our marriage and Debby is now expecting our first child. Debby and I got married right out of High School. We were High School sweet hearts and three weeks after graduation we were married. My dad had been a marine during Viet Nam and I wanted to follow in his footsteps ever since I can remember. I was deployed with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Force and saw action fighting in Ramadi. I was badly wounded by a rocket propelled grenade that exploded near me. One minute I was firing my weapon and the next minute everything went crazy. I remember blurs of people trying to tell me something, but my hearing was gone. They kept me pretty sedated until I got to Germany. There I learned that my left foot was gone and that I was partially paralyzed from the waist down due to a spinal cord injury. The doctors also removed a lot of junk out of my legs and back. I remember being so scared that I was going to be a cripple for the rest of my life. From Germany, I was sent to Walter Reed Army Hospital. I asked them, what is a Marine doing in an Army Hospital? Well, I had lots of company. Debby, her mom, her sister, along with my mom and dad all flew from St Louis to see me. A lot of tears hit the floor at that reunion, but God was I so happy to see all of them, especially Debby. I just wanted to hold her forever and never let go. I spent six and a half months at Walter Reed recuperating from my wounds. I had nine more surgeries and hours and hours of really painful physical therapy. I hear about how some people in this country are upset that we may have tortured somebody to get information out of them to save American lives. Whatever pain they suffered was nothing compared to the pain of the men and women wounded fighting those $%#%$#$%#%@. You can make up your own descriptions if you want. I was finally sent home to finish up my physical therapy and treatments at a VA Hospital near my home. I tried to make love to Debby. The nerve damage robbed me of the ability to have an erection forever. I tried Viagra and Cialis, but hated the sinus headaches and the erections weren’t very good. Vacuum erection sucked and shots, one shot cured me of ever wanting another one. At this point, I was so depressed, I just wanted to go off somewhere and die. I wasn’t a man anymore. I was also picking fights with Debby because I was so depressed. I have a prosthesis foot and walk with a cane. Debby decided to go back to college and get her nursing degree. I just stayed home depressed every day and watched my marriage beginning to fall apart. The doctors were no help because I just didn’t want to listen to anyone anymore. I was totally fed up with life.

Debby takes over at this point.
As Steve has told you, I had gone back to school to become a nurse and we had a unit on Sexuality and part of it was on male impotence. I read that a guy can have an erection by having a penile implant inserted in his penis. At this point I wanted to know more, so I hit the library hard and then went on the internet and looked up penile implants. I found Bob’s blog and started reading and reading. I thought about it for several days and finally got up the courage to call Bob. I was so nervous, but he was so easy to talk to and made me feel so at ease. Before I knew it, we had talked for almost an hour. Bob lives about 70 miles from us and he agreed to talk to Steve and I and we made a date to meet for dinner one evening. Steve wasn’t sure he was ready to talk with somebody he didn’t know about not being able to get it up, his words, and especially not with a guy he had never met before. But after much arm twisting by me, Steve agreed to meet Bob. Because Bob has been there, he was able to put Steve at ease. By the end of dinner, Steve was certainly interested in possibly exploring more about implant surgery. But he still was a little apprehensive. Then Bob said the kicker that gave him the courage to consider surgery. He told Steve, close your eyes and picture the first time you made love to Debby. Picture being able to repeat that moment tonight. You squeeze a soft rubber bulb in your scrotum and your penis is standing straight out, hard enough to pound nails. Debby is expectant on you making love to her and and with your new implant you have the perfect erection. You can make love all night long to her. You can have an orgasm that feels normal and afterwards you can keep on making love to Debby without losing your erection. That did it. Steve agreed to sit down and talk to a urologist who did implants. What he learned helped to convince him that this was his best option to fix his impotence. When he asked me what I thought, I had the world’s biggest grin on my face. Oh baby, I can’t wait to drag you into the bedroom and ravage your ass. Steve had the surgery about a year ago and the six week wait before he could pump it up was a daily agony for both of us. Steve reserved a really nice suite at a hotel, and after he got the okay from his surgeon, off we went to the hotel. The really sexy negligee that I bought for our weekend never made it out of the suitcase. It took a couple months, but I’m expecting a baby around Thanksgiving and Steve is so proud and happy now. He’s a new man and I feel like a new woman. Steve also started college this fall and we both are so happy that we just had to let others know our story. Don’t throw your marriage away if you find yourself unable to perform. Steve is all the man I could ever ask for now. He can perform anytime, anywhere,and at a moment’s notice he can make love to me. I really am grateful to Bob for saving our marriage and for the help he extended to Steve and I. He was so kind and thoughtful with us and answered our questions without making us feel embarrassed. He just wants to help people like us. Thank you for letting us tell our story.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Two Years with my Penile Implant

Dear Readers:
May 30th was my 2 year anniversary of my Penile Implant and I thought I would voice my thoughts for you. My implant is an unqualified success and it has become one of my best decisions that I have ever made in my life. When I made my decision two years ago, it was after many weeks of serious research. Like all of you, I realized that I was traveling down a road with no turning back. Because their is such a lack of searchable testimonials from guys like me who have actually had this surgery, I decided to write this blog for the many men who would be following in my footsteps. Never in my wildest imaginations would I have guessed that I would soon be contacted by thousands of men and their partner's from around the world with so many questions to answer. In addition, I had to count up the number of men who have joined me on this blog, 14 guys who joined me in discussing their experiences after undergoing Penile Implant surgery. So there is a wealth of experiences on this blog if you want to hear about other men's experiences following Pnile Implant Surgery. In addition, I have talked to thousands of men with erectile dysfunction, their wives, their girlfriends, and their boyfriends by email and by phone, from all over the world and at different times of the day and night and have enjoyed having dinner with several couples. I've even talked to a couple of doctors!!! Wow. I've also been privvy to many stories of real pain being suffered by many men from all over the world. That's an awsome responsibility that I take very seriously because I've walked in every one of those guys shoes and I understand what they are feeling. When those guys write me back and are able to tell me how awsome their sex life is after they had surgery, its an incredible feeling for me and has made all the hours spent on this blog seem very worth while. My next task is to compile all of the emails that I've received and somehow write a Frequently Asked Questions page. Just grouping the different questions will be a large task. There is one question that I will answer first. Would I, knowing what I know now, have this surgery. Not only yes, but that 13 years of shots and pills that I took would never have happened. To all the readers on this blog, I'll talk to you any time and answer any questions you have. If you don't feel comfortable asking, put your wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend or whomever you want to make love to, but can't because of ED, and we'll talk about what's available for you to change that sad state of your life. We'll change that soft part of your anatomy that has let you down so many times into something hard, erect, and brings back to you a level of confidence and pride as a sexual man that you have always been.
So take care of yourself out there.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rich and the Two Piece Ambicor Penile Implant

Dear Readers:

The above photos were submitted by a gentleman by the name of Rich. Rich elected to have the 2 piece AMS Ambicor Penile Implant. Rich also included his story and you can read it below.


I finally got around to taking those photos. First shot (Bottom) is erect and second shot (Middle) is flacid. Top shot is flacid in my briefs. As you can see, I'm not one of the big boys anymore, but still at 4 inches, I can still get the job done.

As you may recall, I wrote before I had my first experience using my 2 piece Ambicor implant with my wife. I was nervous to be honest and it had been almost 14 weeks, so I had a big load built up, and I was ready and so was my wife. We played around for awhile and as she was stroking me. I pumped it up and she liked it. I am shorter in length and much smaller girth than before, but she likes that to. She is built very small and it used to hurt her when we had sex before because of my penis size. Everything fit nice and she had no discomfort and neither did I so we had great sex and both had satisfying orgasms. Glad I don't have to do the injections anymore and I can be spontaneous and have sex when desired.

She did coment that the tip of the penis seemed cold and says it feels different when she gives me a bj, but it feels great to me. Been 4 months now and all is well. I would have the implant again without a second thought. One benefit of the 2 piece implant is that it looks bigger when soft in my pants and my briefs and that isn't all bad

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jack P, The Rest of my Story

The Rest Of My Story

Posted on Implant Group 8/13/08
As most of you know I was scheduled for my implant at Vanderbilt fortomorrow.7/27/08 I was eating lunch at the local O'Charleys and cut a bit largerthan usual piece of prime rib. With all going on with family andfriends I swallowed before I was ready.The meat stuck in my esophagus just before entering my stomach. Wenthome and tried everything I knew to get it to go one way or another. NOLUCK.2:00 in the morning my wife took me to the local ER. They tried twiceto get it out. The second try they put me to sleep. Woke up and stillthere.They transferred me to the main hospital in Memphis and brought in aSurgeon.Tuesday about noon they put me to sleep again and tried with a rigidscope. No Luck. Seems that I am longer than normal, esophagus that is.They were so aggressive that the doctors collapsed a my left lung andput my heart into A-Fib. Woke up in recovery with a doctor cutting inmy side to put in a tube, "called him a couple of bad words." Then theybrought in a heart doctor.Two day of hell in the room with at least six (6) IV's. Then onThursday afternoon back to surgery. The Dr. marked my chest thatmorning just in case they had to go after it. This time it went throughwhen they put the tube down. Back to hospital room NPO with a stomachpump. I was on ice chips until Monday morning. Liquid diet, did notknow so little would make you feel full.Saturday morning (I think) wife and I had a Come to Jesus meeting with all the Doctors. On what to expect.Tuesday afternoon the surgeon and then the heart Dr released me to gohome. While in the hospital I asked about the implant surgery and theysaid postpone it for a couple of months. Had a long talk with heartdoctor before leaving the hospital and he assured me that in a coupleof months I could get the implant but first I had to get the A-Fibfixed.Went to heart doctor today and the A-fib is much better. Wants me towait a couple of weeks and if the meds do not fix the A-fib they willshock it back.I've lost 15 pounds. When I came home the next morning I looked in themirror and did not see myself. What A Shock.With heart doctors blessing I have rescheduled the pre op at Vanderbiltto October 24 and the implant to October 30. I WANT MYSELF BACK BY THEEND OF THE YEAR!If it has not been one obstacle it has been another but come "Hell orHigh Water" I am going to get the implant.

8/21/08 Epilog: Went to Dr. Shirwany’s for my pre op before the cardiac conversion. Nurse checked my blood and that was fine. Went to the exam room and took my BP she said I hear a normal heart beat. She went and got the EKG and sure enough my heart was back to normal rhythm.
Dr. Shirwany came in and was almost as happy as my wife and I about not having to do the Cardiac Conversion.
For the arrhythmia in the hospital they added Cartia, a calcium channel blocker and Amodarone to the BP meds I was already taking, Ramipil, and ACE inhibitor and spironolactone are my normal BP meds and have controlled my BP well. I told Dr. Shirwany that in my past calcium channel blocker caused me lots of problems and fatigue and not sleeping were the worst. I asked if I could get off the new meds because of the side effects. He said that for now I needed these but he would cut the dose in half. He also said that in mid November after the implant I would ware a monitor for few days and then reevaluate the meds.
I signed a release so he could get the records of my last cardiac cath 7/07 and other history from my previous heart doctor.
He said after he received these records he would mail me a cardiac release for the implant surgery.
In the hospital the surgeons almost killed me. If it had not been for Dr. Shirwany I don’t think I would have made it. IMHO

Went to Dr. Walzer for semi annual DRE and PSA. DRE was normal.

8/25/08 Dr. Walzer’s office called with results of PSA. Result was 1.1 that is normal. Asked her to send me a copy.

10/15/08 Phyllis with Dr. Milam’s office called and wanted to move the surgery up a week. Pre op is now scheduled for 10/22/08 and surgery for 10/23/08 @10:30. Will drive up to Nashville the 22nd and spend the night at.

10/16/08 received cardiac clearance from Dr. Shirwany and faxed it to Phyllis 615-343-9815.

10/22/08 Vanderbilt Pre Op.
Pre op went well, had all my paperwork in order and a cardiac clearance letter from Dr. Shirwany. EKG was normal and cleared for surgery the next day.

10/23/08 Vanderbilt Hospital – Penile Implant
Check in time was 10:30. Went to pre op holding room and had 2 antibiotic IV’s. Dr. Milam came in about 1:00 we talked and he said everything looked fine. A few minutes later one of his assistants came in and we talked for a while. I mentioned the previous surgery where the Dr. penetrated my urethra and he said he knew all about it. I believe that Dr. Milam and staff had a pre op meeting and knew my history well.
About 2:00 I was taken to surgery and Dr. Milam had a few words and then I was asleep.
Woke up about 3:30 in recovery and felt like I had to pee real badly. Had a Foley Catheter and nurse said everything went as planned and the wanting to pee was normal.
My wife had meeting with Dr. Milam after surgery and he told her everything was OK but I would be in pain for a while.
About 4 or 4:30 Dr. Milam came into the room and said everything went well and he thought I would be well pleased with the outcome. He said I would have some asymmetry because of the scar tissue from the previous attempt but I would hardly notice it.
The next morning about 5:30 the catheter was removed. Had a light breakfast urinated on my own and was on the way back to the hotel by 9:00. We arrived home about 2:00.

To say I am satisfied with the results to date would be an understatement. Just the look on my wife’s face when I got back to the room told me everything was OK. She has supported me all these years and I never saw her happier for me.

My testicles are black and blue, but that was expected. The pump is in front of my right testicle and I have to pull it down to the center every day. Dr.said it would be easier for me to get to there.

I have the AMS 700 LGX. If I am reading the paperwork right I will have an erection of about 12 CM (4.7 inches). If I get a 20% increase over time I will be within ¾ inch of my pre peyronies size. Right now I can tell the flaccid state is larger, no more turtle effect. This is more than I expected before surgery I would have guessed about a 4-inch length. I know size is not everything we have been dealing with peyronies about 13 years and learned length is not where it is with sex. You can adapt to most any size and still have fun.

A better than expected length is credited to the proper VED exercise given to me by Old Man of That year of proper VED exercise gave me a better than expected outcome.

11/5/2008 Post Op with Todd Doran, Everything normal. Still sore. Pump is in place so I do not have to pull it down anymore. Advised to remove the strips on the incision the next time I shower (looks good after removal). No tub or hot tub for another 4 weeks. Lifting restriction of 15 pounds.

Had to wait in exam room for about 90 minutes. Nurse came in and said they were having a problem with an anther patient. Offered juice while I waited. Told the nurse wait would be ok I would appreciate it if I had a problem. Left home at 11:00 and back by 8:30 after stopping for dinner at Cracker Barrel.

12/04/08 Activation: I was at Vanderbilt at 8:30 this morning for my implant activation. Doran showed me where the relief button is and them activated the pump. He then had me pump it up. For the first time in years I had an erection that stood straight out and stayed on its own.
AMS that gave full instructions on how to use the implant gave me an “owners manual”. I was advised to pump up the implant 2 times a day for at lest 5 minutes until the next appointment in 3 months.
I was told to pump the implant up at least 3 rimes before trying to use it. I now know why the first few times you pump the implant it stings some for a while. When I arrived home I showed my wife the erection and let her feel of it. Feels just like an erect penis of a 20 year old. When we went to bed I pumped it up again. Lying on my back with my penis sticking straight up and hard gave me a feeling of being normal again.
The actual measured result in the office was 4.25 inches. I was informed that over the next 3 months to a year I should gain at least another ½ inch. This puts me closer to my pre peyronies of approximately 5.5 inches.
The VED was a “gods send” over the last years. After I found the proper exercise for peyronies I gained some size back. Lost about a quarter inch from VED to implant. My Venous Leakage, and Corporal Fibrosis was so bad that I had to use a very tight constriction ring that sometimes did not hold, but I don’t know what I would have done without it. I will give the VED a proper send off New Years in a Barn Fire.
Took me a long time to get here. In my time I would have had the implant years go. God’s time was now. It has been a difficult road but here I am happily lying on my back with a hard on that a 20 year old would envy. I have a “date” with my wife to put it to use tomorrow after noon. Can hardly wait.

12/5/08 Date with wife: All went well still soreness when I pump up the implant and it interferes with feelings. This will all heal with time. Learning curve with use but that is part of the fun,


1/5/09 One-month post activation. The implant is expanding into the head and have gained back some length. The last month has been a learning curve, tried to just not push it. Today when activated to full length there is no more soreness. Sex the last time was great.

There was still some soreness Christmas but New Years it was 98% gone. Feelings are returning. Great sex new years!!!

2/19/09 This afternoon I decided to take a nap. While lying there I pumpedup my implant. I kept pumping about 20 times after the bulb got hard.My girth got sore and a little soreness at the glans. Then I noticedthe best erection I have had scene the implant. Like my doctor saidit takes 3 month to a year to get the LGX to full size.I do not let the soreness keep me from using the implant. It is notthat bad. The first few weeks I was real sore, but that is the pricewe pay for success.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rich's Story, 2 piece implant after hernia surgeries

Dear Reader's:
I wish to add Rich's story to my blog for your education on penile implants. I feel really fortunate to be able to add all of these gentlemen's stories to my blogsite. In the past 20 months, I have been priveledged to be able to correspond with thousands of men, their partner's, and many doctors around the globe about this sexual surgery. I now have 20 months of experience with a penile implant and it has exceeded my expectation a hundred fold. My experience has been echoed by almost everyone that I have talked to who has gone ahead and had this surgery. I hope these many stories are of great help to you and your loving partner. So folks, here is Rich's story.

I hope my experience is helpful to others. Rich

My active life of mountain biking and a related biking accident caused me to lose a testicle. I had previously had two hernia operations with mesh so I have had 3 surgeries in the groin area. I am in good shape at 6’4” and 200 pounds. I am an active married guy, 57 years old.
I noticed after the hernia surgeries that my 8” of manhood began shrinking. I went to the dr. and he said that I had Peyronies Disease and that I had fibrosis in my penis and the 2 hernia surgeries combined would cause less blood to the penis and that would cause shrinkage. I also noticed that I didn't have morning erections and started having trouble maintaining an erection.
I had my testosterone checked and it was 390,, but I had extremely low free and bio available testosterone, so my md prescribed Androgel and it worked well with nice calmness to my overall personality, more confidence, more energy and yes morning erections returned even though they were not hard, at lease something was happening. I used that for about 6 months when I developed a rash and started to get injections that last 2 weeks.
My md prescribed Viagra to help with the E.D. and it gave me terrible headaches as did Cialis and Levitra. I then tried Muse which is a pellet that is inserted in the penis and while it worked great, my wife was allergic to it. I then was put on Caverject and it worked very well for about a year but I noticed that I was still shrinking and the fibrosis in my penis seemed to be getting worse. Over the next 6 months I was getting very sore after the injections for maybe a day or so and I decided to check with the md to see what other options I had. He said I was too young for an implant so I just went along with the injections and then after 6 months I asked him again, reminding him that I was 57 and he replied that he thought I was in my mid forties. He said that yes the implant would be my only other option as if I waited, that the penile shortening would continue and an implant would have to be smaller. He said to discuss this with my wife and let him know. My wife said if I wanted to do it, great, but don't go through it all just for her, as she was satisfied with me as a loving husband. I did decide to go ahead and fix the problem. My doctor recommended a 2 piece AMS Ambicor implant since I had the two hernia surgeries, he didn't want to go into the abdomen.
I had the operation and it was less painful than I thought. I missed one day of work and only took the pain medication For 3 days, then took my Tylenol. There was swelling and black and blue and it was uncomfortable sitting at my desk. The implant is about ½ full so it is a bit hard to hide in pants. So I still keep it in the up position like I did the first two weeks and wear briefs with no problem. I am glad that I had the implant as it is a short inconvenience for a long term solution. It cost $9,000 which insurance covered.
I am now at 4 weeks and all the swelling and black and blue are gone and my penis looks about the same except it is longer when flaccid and my wife says I look great in the shower and in my briefs. I could never wear boxers as my penis would be obvious . I will go soon to see when I can pump it up and see how all that goes. The appearance is very normal, but to the touch, it does feel mechanical. The bulb in my scrotum is no problem since I just have one testicle and had plenty of room for it.
The 2 piece implant placement did permanently damage the spongy erectile tissue on each side of the penis when dilation took place because with so much fibrous tissue they had to use several instruments to create a space for the implants. So while I have good feelings early each morning, I do not get any type of erection at all and I have no expectation for that to change, which is ok. All good so far. I will let you know how it goes when I get the ok to pump it up.